Review and Assess


Software tools help physicians better understand and manage treatment progress

clinical review and assessment

With detailed data and powerful review and assessment tools, physicians can fine-tune prescriptions based on
evidence of organ motion and the actual dose delivered—with each treatment.

Sophisticated software tools give physicians the ability to actively manage the progress of treatment. Because the MRIdian® system tracks the target and organs at risk and records the delivery parameters for each treatment, physicians can accumulate information to support individual patient decisions, as well as clinical research.

With the MRIdian system, physicians have the tools to:

  • Review dose delivery. For each delivered fraction, users can recall and review the predicted dose distribution, observe motion trajectories, and determine how close an organ comes to meeting established constraints.
  • Track target and organ positions. Users may identify points in 3D space and track their motion during treatment using virtual markers to ensure that margins are appropriate and plans fully account for actual motion.
  • Verify soft-tissue targeting. Users can review the movie-like stream of images captured during treatment, observing when the beam is gated on or off and whether the target is being appropriately covered.


Treatment Management Brief (PDF)

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