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Vol. 1 – July 2017
Welcome to the first edition of ViewRay Today
It is our hope that ViewRay Today will bring awareness, advocacy and hope to cancer patients around the world.

If you are a cancer patient or know someone who is undergoing cancer therapy, then this newsletter is for you. ViewRay Today is designed to help raise awareness among people and communities about how the MRIdian® system has been helping cancer patients around the world.

With every issue we hope to inspire you to become a better advocate for yourself and your loved ones. We also hope to provide you with articles that feed your need to learn and that give you hope. If you have questions or comments for the ViewRay team, we'd love to hear from you.
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Tumors Move, MRIdian Follows
It's true - seeing really is believing! You wouldn't expect to hit a target blindfolded, would you? Of course not. However, many radiation systems cannot target cancer with the same confidence and accuracy as the MRIdian system, especially when you add a moving body into the equation, (breathing, gas bubbles, relaxation of the muscles, etc).  
MRIdian Movie™ A Very Special Movie delivered to the Patient
While the MRIdian system offers wonderful clinical advantages it also possesses unique capabilities to create a treatment movie for the patient – producing an individual "MRIdian Movie" for each patient. The live MRI imaging allows for the system to capture a real-time recording of the treatment process while the patient undergoes his or her own radiation therapy.
Early Observational Data Demonstrated Longer Pancreatic Cancer Patient Survival
Four prestigious MRIdian hospital centers pooled their data after similarly treating a small number of pancreatic cancer patients and found that when using the MRIdian system and applying daily changes, they were able to deliver higher doses of radiation to the tumor, leading to longer overall survival.
MRIdian Study Reveals New Benefits for Breast Cancer Patients
Research and science is about discovery. Pioneers such as Maria Thomas, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology, and her colleagues at the Washington University School of Medicine, set out to examine whether the MRIdian system can offer breast cancer patients additional benefits compared to other radiation therapy approaches.
Meet Founder James F. Dempsey, PhD
Much like the ViewRay technology that he invented, Jim Dempsey adapts. He follows his curiosity, looks at the variables around him and takes note of what he's good at – from playing lead guitar in a heavy metal band to deciphering physics and chemistry problems. Science, and the influence of his mentors, shaped the path of his career.

"I told my father that I was going to be a rockstar and that I didn't need to go to college. He told me that rockstars either got a job or went to college," he recalls. "So I decided to go to college."  
FDA Cleared! Next generation MRIdian Linac system gets 510(k) Clearance.
The FDA granted ViewRay an approval known as a "510(k) clearance" to market the MRIdian Linac system. Linac is a nickname for a linear accelerator, an integral part of the MRIdian system that produces the radiation that kills the cancer.  
MRIdian Patient Corner
Michael Winter's Story:
Michael had only been married for two years and had just celebrated his 39th birthday when he discovered a lump on his left knee. He didn't remember injuring this area and was a little baffled as to why a lump suddenly appeared. Michael made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor who attempted to take a needle biopsy but no liquid or blood could be extracted. After further investigation it was confirmed that Michael's lump was an aggressive sarcoma tumor.

"I was shocked and didn't know exactly what this meant. Would I lose my leg, my life?" His mind began to race. At that moment Michael's life took a new direction.  
Science corner
60 seconds of Science Segment: What is MRI?
Video credit: of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering. To learn more visit  
Science Corner
The beginning stages of a cancer cell.
Many people wonder how cancer begins. There are several unanswered questions as to why a cancer cell may be triggered and thrive. As a cell divides, it duplicates itself over and over again. A healthy cell will form for growth or to replace a dead cell.

However, sometimes this replication is not perfect and over time this process can trigger the beginning of cancer. As we age and replicate billions of cells in our body, we have a greater chance of developing cancer. This is why we are more prone to develop cancer as we age.
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