• MRIdian Linac System


High Dose Rate Linac Delivery

Integrated Treatment Planning & Delivery

Our planning software is our delivery software! MRIdian relies upon a proprietary software ecosystem developed exclusively for on-table adaptive MR-guided radiotherapy. MRIdian’s seamlessly integrated system combines all aspects of treatment into a single platform for greater simplicity and safety.

Uncompromised Patient Safety

Super-Computing, Ultra-Fast Planning

Adapt online in 15 minutes1 or less – today! MRIdian has transformed conventional treatment planning with groundbreaking advances in computing technology. Combining high-definition MR soft tissue imaging, automated contouring tools, and ultra-fast Monte Carlo dose calculation, MRIdian allows new frontiers of on-table plan adaptation and treatment accuracy.

Daily on-table plan adaptation in minutes

Real-Time Targeting, Precision Automated Gating

To maximize dose to the intended target, while minimizing dose to surrounding healthy tissues, MRIdian continuously targets the tumor in real-time, automatically gating the beam, both on and off, to provide greater confidence that treatments are delivered precisely as planned.

Uncompromised spatial imaging accuracy

Intuitively Designed for Radiation Oncology

MRIdian is built upon a powerful integrated planning and delivery system designed specifically for the radiation oncology team. Developed from the ground up to assimilate into standard radiation therapy workflows, the MRIdian software ecosystem simplifies the complexity of diagnostic-quality MR into a fast, easy-to-use imaging tool.


1. Frank Lagerwaard, MD PhD, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, ESTRO 2017.

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