• MRIdian Linac System
    MRIdian® Linac - the world's first
    commercially available MRI-guided
    Linac system that can image and treat
    cancer patients simultaneously
    MRIdian® Linac - Align Adapt Track
  • MRIdian System
    MRI-imaging improves
    tumor visibility
    and patient alignment
    MRIdian® Linac - Align Adapt Track
  • MRIdian System
    Cancer patients are actively
    being treated on MRIdian®
    at leading cancer centers
    around the world
    MRIdian® Linac - Align Adapt Track
  • MRIdian System
    On-table adaptive
    radiation therapy
    with enhanced visualization
    and motion management tools
    MRIdian® Linac - Align Adapt Track

The MRIdian Linac System

High Precision MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy with MRIdian Linac and RayZR MLC

MRIdian Linac Technology Overview


Advanced treatment deliverySupport for advanced and conventional radiation therapy techniques, including IGRT, SRS and SRT, IMRT, and 3D conformal therapy.

Pretreatment imagingHigh-quality, volumetric soft- tissue imaging for accurate pretreatment positioning.

On-table dose prediction and adaptive optimization—Accurate dose prediction for on-table quality assurance and plan adaptation.

Soft-tissue targetingContinuous, MRI-guided soft-tissue tracking and automatic beam control during treatments.

Review and assessmentSoftware tools that help physicians better understand and manage the progress of treatment.

MRIdian® Linac is ViewRay’s latest breakthrough technology. This next generation radiotherapy technology integrates a 6 MV linac with 0.35 T MRI technology in a compact design, together with our proprietary software to locate, target and track the position and shape of tumors while the radiation is delivered.

The MRIdian Linac can provide continuous MR based soft-tissue imaging during linac-based radiation treatment. It builds on the success of the MRIdian® system, the world’s first and only clinical MRI guided radiation therapy system that can image and treat simultaneously with no additional imaging dose to the patient.

MRIdian Linac offers a clinically proven on-table MRI-guided adaptive, automated and integrated treatment planning system that uses a linac to deliver modulated radiation therapy.

MRIdian Linac uses the same split-magnet MRI system used in the MRIdian and is designed to fit in standard radiotherapy vaults replacing X-ray guided linear accelerators.

RayZR Double Focused MLC

RayZR Double Focused MLC
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RayZR Double Focused MLC
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The linac is equipped with the RayZR  MLC, a 138-leaf double focused double stacked multi-leaf collimator (MLC) with minimum penumbra to shape the beam for precision radiation therapy treatments. This design provides the sharpest possible beams for greater precision in treatment delivery. This becomes especially important when delivering high-dose stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), where every millimeter of accuracy matters.

The 138 leaf MLC has 34 leaf pairs in the upper stack, 35 leaf pairs in the lower stack. Each leaf projects with a nominal width of 8.30 mm at 90 cm SAD. The double stack MLC uses an offset between the top and bottom stack to achieve an effective leaf width of 4.15 mm at 90 cm SAD. The MLC is designed to project field sizes up to 27.4 cm x 24.1 cm at isocenter.

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