• MRIdian Linac System
    MRIdian® Linac - the world's first
    commercially available MRI-guided
    Linac system that can image and treat
    cancer patients simultaneously
    MRIdian® Linac - Align Adapt Track
  • MRIdian System
    MRI-imaging improves
    tumor visibility
    and patient alignment
    MRIdian® Linac - Align Adapt Track
  • MRIdian System
    Cancer patients are actively
    being treated on MRIdian®
    at leading cancer centers
    around the world
    MRIdian® Linac - Align Adapt Track
  • MRIdian System
    On-table adaptive
    radiation therapy
    with enhanced visualization
    and motion management tools
    MRIdian® Linac - Align Adapt Track

The MRIdian Linac: The System

A Fully Integrated MRI Guided Linac Radiation Therapy System


Advanced treatment deliverySupport for advanced and conventional radiation therapy techniques, including IGRT, SRS and SRT, IMRT, and 3D conformal therapy.

Pretreatment imagingHigh-quality, volumetric soft- tissue imaging for accurate pretreatment positioning.

On-table dose prediction and adaptive optimization—Accurate dose prediction for on-table quality assurance and plan adaptation.

Soft-tissue targetingContinuous, MRI-guided soft-tissue tracking and automatic beam control during treatments.

Review and assessmentSoftware tools that help physicians better understand and manage the progress of treatment.

The MRIdian® Linac system is the world’s first FDA cleared system that integrates real-time MR imaging, linac based radiation therapy delivery and intelligent software automation. MRIdian Linac can provide continuous soft-tissue imaging during linac based radiation treatment. Being able to constantly see both the tumor and surrounding organs means you can accurately align the tumor to the treatment beams, adapt or reshape the treatment volume to accommodate changes in the shape and location of the tumor and healthy tissues, and track soft tissues in real time to avoid missing a moving tumor or irradiating sensitive internal structures.

The MRIdian Linac system includes:

  • A rotating gantry assembly that a houses a compact inline S-band 6 MV standing wave linac with side-coupled cavities
  • RayZR 138-leaf Double-Focused Double Stacked Multi-Leaf Collimator (MLC) system for reduced penumbra and minimum interleaf leakage and sharpest POSSIBLE beams capable of delivering high-dose stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS)
  • Patented magnetic and RF shielding technology that isolates the workings of the linac and the MRI system from each other
  • A 0.35 T split magnet designed for unrestricted beam path, volumetric and multi-planar soft tissue imaging
  • A patient couch with 3 degrees of freedom, two in-room couch control panels and a laser positioning system to facilitate initial patient setup              
  • A control console, located just outside the treatment room, to start and stop treatment and monitor status
  • An operator console for MRI acquisition, patient positioning, dose prediction, re-optimization and real-time tumor tracking
  • Integrated treatment planning and delivery software for creating treatment plans and managing the treatment delivery process
  • A planning station for defining structures and constraints and planning and re-optimizing treatments with support for conducting plan reviews in a remote manner
  • A database server containing patient and machine data used by the system


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