Optimize Dose

Accurate dose prediction for on-table quality assurance and plan adaptation

on-table dose prediction and reoptimization

Using advanced deformation and autocontouring algorithms, the MRIdian system can quickly capture a volumetric soft-tissue image, deformally register it to the planning image, incorporate the dose rate, gantry position, and leaf sequence, and predict the dose to be delivered.

On-table dose prediction provides additional quality assurance and gives physicians the timely, accurate information they need to verify and adjust treatment plans on the spot.

Dose prediction typically takes less than a minute. While the patient is on the treatment table, the MRIdian® system:

  • Captures a volumetric soft-tissue image
  • Incorporates the dose rate, gantry position, and leaf sequence
  • Predicts the dose to be delivered, creating a dose volume histogram (DVH) and determining whether the predicted dose meets the prescription criteria

With this information, clinicians can immediately determine whether organ motion or other changes in the patient’s anatomy might result in a suboptimal treatment. If the predicted dose is out of tolerance, the physician can be called to decide whether or not the deviation warrants action. If the physician decides that the plan should be adapted, the MRIdian system can typically reoptimize the dose and create a new plan for the physician’s approval in less than two minutes.


Treatment Management Brief [PDF]

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