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Tumors Move, MRIdian® Follows

It’s true - seeing really is believing! You wouldn’t expect to hit a target blindfolded, would you? Of course not. However, many radiation systems cannot target cancer with the same confidence and accuracy as the MRIdian system, especially when you add a moving body into the equation, (breathing, gas bubbles, relaxation of the muscles, etc).

Video of MRIdian in action

Having an MRI on board is like taking a “LIVE” (or real-time) video of your internal organs while simultaneously undergoing radiation therapy -- a great combination for success.

You may wonder what happens when a treatment needs to be adjusted. As the patient’s body ebbs and flows, the MRIdian system watches, calculates, and gives the clinician all the tools necessary to adjust the individual radiation plan within the physician’s parameters. This allows for a more targeted treatment, often in fewer sessions.

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