• MRIdian Linac System


Patients Treated

Extensive Clinical Experience

MRIdian is the world’s first MR-guided system used to clinically treat patients. Since January 2014, MRIdian has treated more than 2000 patients and delivered nearly 3000 on-table adapted fractions.

Uncompromised Patient Safety

Publications and Research

Today, MRIdian has been recognized and studied in more than 35 peer-reviewed publications, more than 50 journal abstracts, and more than 160 society papers and posters. Click to request ViewRay’s Clinical Bibliography.

Real-time targeting

Pancreas, Breast, Lung and Other Clinical Trials

MRIdian is currently the focus of numerous ongoing clinical trials spanning diverse indications including pancreas, breast, lung, and other cancers.





Please visit our Patient Information Center for important Intended Use and Product Safety Information.

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