• MRIdian Linac System


Tailor made for radation oncology

A Revolution in MR Imaging Technology

The needs of Radiation Oncology are decisively different than Diagnostic Radiology. For that reason, MRIdian’s SmartVISION™ MR image guidance system was developed from the ground up to address the specific challenges for delivering the most sophisticated radiation therapies.

Uncompromised Patient Safety

Magnetic Beam Interference Solved

MRIdian’s SmartVISION MR enables high-precision beam delivery without deformation and without challenges related to the electron return effect or specific absorption rate patient overheating. Leveraging proprietary technology, SmartVISION delivers high-speed, high-definition MR images with the quality and efficiency of contemporary diagnostic MR.

Daily on-table plan adaptation in minutes

MR Scans in Seconds, On-Table Plan Adaptation

With SmartVISION MR, clinical solutions are now immediately available where they are needed: on table! Clinicians can now, for the first time ever, generate daily diagnostic-quality MR setup scans in seconds, detect subtle anatomical changes, and using MRIdian’s ultra-fast planning system, quickly create new customized plans while the patient is in the treatment position.

Uncompromised spatial imaging accuracy

Exacting Geometric Image Accuracy

Preventing chemical shift and magnetic susceptibility artifacts, MRIdian’s SmartVISION MR imaging provides geometric spatial integrity similar to CT, enabling the most advanced stereotactic precision. No warped tissue images, no black boundary artifacts!


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