The System

A complete MRI-guided radiation therapy system


Advanced treatment deliverySupport for advanced and conventional radiation therapy techniques, including IGRT, SRS and SRT, IMRT, and 3D conformal therapy.

Pretreatment imagingHigh-quality, volumetric soft- tissue imaging for accurate pretreatment positioning.

On-table dose prediction and adaptive optimization—Accurate dose prediction for on-table quality assurance and plan adaptation.

Soft-tissue targetingContinuous, MRI-guided soft-tissue tracking and automatic beam control during treatments.

Review and assessmentSoftware tools that help physicians better understand and manage the progress of treatment.

The MRIdian® system is a unique medical instrument that integrates full-time MR imaging, radiation therapy delivery, and intelligent software automation. Using the MRIdian system, clinicians can see soft tissue, visualize and adjust the dose, and gate therapy—all in real time, on live anatomy, without invasive markers or procedures, and without exposing the patient to the additional ionizing radiation that is common with other imaging modalities.

The MRIdian system includes:

  • A rotating gantry assembly with three Cobalt-60 teletherapy heads and three multileaf collimators.
  • A split-magnet MRI system for volumetric and multiplanar soft-tissue imaging.
  • A patient couch, two in-room couch control panels, and a laser positioning system to facilitate initial patient setup.
  • A control console, located just outside the treatment room, to start and stop treatment and monitor status.
  • An operator console for MRI acquisition, patient positioning, dose prediction and reoptimization, and real-time tumor tracking.
  • Integrated treatment planning and delivery software for creating treatment plans and managing the treatment delivery process.
  • A planning station for defining structures and constraints and planning and optimizing treatments. Plan reviews may be conducted remotely.
  • A database server containing patient and machine data used by the system.


MRIdian System Brochure [PDF]

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