• MRIdian Linac System


High Dose Rate Linac Delivery

Rapid Dose Delivery, High Patient Throughput

Faster treatments reduce the risk of intra-fraction motion, provide a more comfortable patient experience and improve departmental efficiency. Understanding these imperatives, MRIdian’s new LINAC system delivers radiation dose nearly 5X faster than previous generation MRIdian systems.

Uncompromised Patient Safety

Exceptionally Sharp Penumbra, Low Leakage

With the double-focused double-stacked RayZR™ MLC and an unobstructed beam path, MRIdian delivers ultra-sharp penumbra for sophisticated treatments such as SRS and SBRT. MRIdian sets new standards for low MLC leakage and delivers an unparalleled 2mm x 4mm beam spot size, producing an unprecedented 1.75mm 80-20% penumbra.

Daily on-table plan adaptation in minutes

Small Footprint, Hassle-Free Implementation

Don’t remove a wall or ceiling! MRIdian’s compact design fits within most existing standard linear accelerator vaults and shielding configurations. Able to fit through conventional vault doorways, MRIdian avoids the excessive delays, interruptions and costs necessary to build custom, large-scale vaults. No trenches, no concrete cutting, no headaches.





Please visit our Patient Information Center for important Intended Use and Product Safety Information.

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